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Normalized system of representations referencement in the choir stalls

After considering a wide variety of systems, the authors have decided to adopt a numeration from West (at the entrance of the church choir) to East, and have chosen to designate with a capital B the lower stalls and a capital H the upper stalls also mentionning the cardinal direction in the church choir with letters - N (for North), S (for South), E (for East), W (for West) - according to each bench row. Thanks to this system, scholars can now share a common vocabulary which facilitates their exchanges.

Disposition des stalles dans le choeur

In addition, this sytem offers the benefit of a correspondence with the English language (B for Base and H for High). If the choir stalls are situated in another part of the church, they can be noted with (NC-) or (SC-) for North Chapel and South Chapel; (NA-) or (SA-) for North of the Altar and South of the Altar.
It is also possible to find the choir stalls in a tribune (gallery) noted (T-), like in Behuard (France) or Coimbra (Portugal).

The referencement system of the choir stalls

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