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This website illustrates and describes more than 850 scenes carved in medieval choir stalls from Europe. A slide show mode and a lexicon help to discover the hidden world of the misericords. With the simple search you can enter a word, a name or a musical instrument. The advanced search allows you to cross criterias. Some photographs are still being uploaded, and the descriptions are also being translated every day.

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This research programme, placed under the scientific supervision of Pr Frédéric Billiet, is supported by the Organology & Iconography team of IReMUS with the partnership of Misericordia International.

New scenes

fiche 993
Deux fous

Bas Rhin, France
fiche 992

Bas Rhin, France
fiche 991
Tête chantant

Marne, France
fiche 990
Joueur de cornemuse

Haute-Vienne, France
fiche 988
Tête chantant

Haute-Vienne, France
fiche 987
Monstre au grelot

Aveyron, France
fiche 985
Oiseau flûtiste

Aveyron, France
fiche 984
Joueur de chalemie ?

Haute-Vienne, France